Case Information

Summary of a Nightmare

Approximately three months prior to my first death penalty trial, I was convicted in federal court of, “Violating the Civil Rights of a Government Witness” (killing an informant, before he could testify) and Obstruction of Justice. At my first state death penalty trial, each juror was informed of this fact during voir dire and also heard the testimony relating to the federal trial in the state case. In my opinion. the purpose of this testimony was to poison the minds of the jurors into thinking that I was a horrible and dangerous person. so that they would convict me, and sentence me to death for an unrelated murder. The prosecutors claimed it was for motive and manufactured a story to make their theory believable and make the pieces of the puzzle fit. The star witnesses for the prosecution were admitted “junkies”, who also admitted lying about important facts in the case. The prosecution also depended on crucial testimony from “Mark Fuhrman” type police officers. It worked. I was convicted and sentenced to death for murdering an ex-girifriend, who was supposed to be giving law enforcement agencies information about the federal case.
Approximately two years later, (March 9, 1990), 1 got the federal case flipped (Acquittal on the federal case). Due to the fact that the state used so much of the crooked stuff from the federal case, (in my opinion to inflame the jury) the state had to grant me a new trial.

In August of 1991, I got a second death penalty triaL

Over my objections, the state did the same thing again. The new jury heard all this stuff about the federal case, even though I had been acquitted of those charges. The references were watered down with limited instruction. but still poisoned the minds of the jurors.

            In June 1996 the State Supreme Court upheld mv conviction. but reversed the death sentence because the prosecution used “victim impact” testimony which was illegal at the time because it had not become law yet in Pennsylvania.

In June of 1997 I had a new sentencing hearing. before a different judge and a new jury, and again I was sentenced to death.

The so called new sentencing hearing held in June 1997 was a useless charade. There weren’t any blacks on the  jury, which might account for the disturbing events that occured during the half hour between the time the jury reached the verdict and the time that they announced it. There were reports that the jury was celebrating about their verdict, just minutes before they appeared in court to announce it. I believe in freedom of speech, etc. as most of us do, but how can the media condemn the black community for cheering after the O.J verdict in the criminal trial, while at the same time ignoring the fact that an essentially all white jury (one Phillipeno) laughed, joked and celebrated after they had just all agreed to execute someone. In my view it basically shows their lynch mob mentality and what montgomery county,Pa is really about. They have no intention to stamp out the virus of Racism, but I’m not at all surprised. That county has always been morally corrupt and has always believed it doesn’t have to abide by the state or federal constitution.  The exclusion of blacks from the jury and prejudicial comments by the prosector so infected the proceedings with unfairness, as to make the sentence a denial of due process. The integrity of the entire judicial system is in serious question, but when the victim is white and the defendant is black there is normally a different standard of justice!!!
The lawyer appointed for that sentencing hearing did well shooting down the commonwealth’s evidence, but due to the make-up of the jury, I dont think they were receptive. That same lawyer howver was incompetant, ineffective and unethical by making a confession for me.  I have maintained my innocence from the very begining and never told him or anyone else that I killed anyone, nor did I authorize him, as a tactic or anything else to tell the jury or anyone else that I did it for any reason.  I was shocked when I heard him in his closing argument that I didn’t kill the victim to silence her, but did it because of a domestic dispute, so you decide just whoes side that guy was on.  Although this hearing was only in regard to sentencing, unlike the other two trials that effected my conviction, sentencing is a serious matter when it came down to life or death!!!
                   The trial Judge in the first two trials (Samuel ‘V. Salus) was a cold-blooded racist Church members in the black community, in Norristown PA marched and rallied in front of the Courthouse to have him removed from the bench on several occasions. I used that evidence to convince him to ‘recuse’ himself from my case, but not before two trials during which he made crucial rulings that had a bearing on those trials and have become “law of the case”, which will effect any future litigation, so I am still haunted by his prejudice. My lawyer for the first two trials was grossly ineffective and along with the trial judge was an extension of the prosecution. The prosecution made a big deal in the press about how 36 jurors voted for death in the three proceedings in regard to this case, however he failed to mention how the deck was stacked against me every time by excluding and denying blacks from serving on those juries and the illegal tactics used to get the convictions and sentences. There were no blacks what-so-ever on the jury. in this most recent lynch mob. Eleven whites and one Filipino composed the jury. Only one served on the prior jury and there were two on the first.
          The prosecutor made a big statement on behalf of the Commonwealth, which continued to brag about how there had been a total of 36 jurors that had decided I should die, but failed to mention the State Supreme Court ruled the conviction and sentence unconstitutional and a violation of due process in the first two proceedings, so 24 jurors have to be subtracted from that number.  The prosecution has to learn that they can’t create laws as they go along and use crooked evidence to get a conviction and sentence and still count or brag about winning. They cheated, got caught and got reversed. So the number should be only 12. which didn’t include any blacks. Some also may think I’m making a big deal out of not having any blacks on the jury. but think about it for a minute. Think of how a white person would feel if they or a family member was on trial, the victim was black and there was an all black jury deciding on their fate. I’m sure that you’d want at least a few white people on the jury, to at least make it appear to be fair, I have maintained my innocence of all these charges from the very beginning, although I was charged and convicted of the murder in the federal case. two years later. they found out that I was not guilty. Without effective legal representation and outside support. it may be too late this time when they find out I didn’t do it.
           I know that what is being done to me is wrong. I blame the judicial system for allowing prosecutors to pull these stunts and trial judges for being an extension of the prosecution, instead of neutral arbitrators. I don’t have the resources for a “dream team” so most likely my cries will fall on deaf ears, I’ll get my “Hot Shot” and business will go on as usual. I have to continue to fight this injustice and need any and all outside support. I need a lawyer or law firm to take my case pro bono or people and a sponsor to start a defense fund, to hire a lawyer or law firm. I need supporters to start petitions, etc…to bring this injustice to the attention of the public. Time is running out. Pennsylvania’s Governor, Tom Ridge, is signing death warrants as if he’s signing autographs.

I need outside help to stop this injustice. I’d appreciate any and all support from the outside.