Food for Thought Prt 37



In the last  ‘food for thought’ article I spoke about some of the unlawful outrageous stunts many prosecutors are pulling in courtrooms in America. Not only in the courtrooms in America but also the conduct of police and in many cases combined with the prosecutors to frame innocent citizens, often withholding and falsifying evidence and a host of other despicable acts to ensure convictions.

There is no outrage from the public and even when the few times these police and prosecutors get caught, the case gets reversed, the prisoner gets released, etc. nine times out of ten, nothing is done to the criminal police and prosecutors who are guilty of the acts, How many more innocent people are on death row waiting to be executed because similar acts were done to them and it hasn’t been detected??? How many more innocent people are rotting away in prisons all across this country because of the rotten, low down deplorable acts of the police and prosecutors that haven’t been exposed??  These aren’t  isolated incidents that I’m talking about, there are just too many to report in the limited amount of space that I’m working with, One of the main problems with the actions of police and prosecutors that engage in the conduct of framing and railroading innocent people is that 99% of the time absolutely nothing is done to the prosecutors because they are covered with immunity from prosecution in most instances in regard to prosecuting a case and even when they should be held liable for knowingly violating the constitutional rights of a citizen there isn’t any desire to hold them accountable by their croonies in the judicial system.  Remember the majority of the time these cases involve people of color and poor whites. This country has a long way to go in regard improving its position on race and class treatment!!

Just look at how the country is divided on racial lines on the Trayvon Martin case. There was an interesting article in a recent Nation of Islam’s “Final call” newspaper (April 3rd 2012) about  the Trayvon Martin case. The 17 hear old that was murdered recently by 28 year old George Zimmerman, The article spoke about how the killing sparked activism, street rallies all across the country and how it brings America face to face with the reality of race, life and death, which is true and right on point. It also mentioned how the death of the Florida teen became a movement.

In my opinion it became a movement mainly because of the lack of regard for Black lives. The shooter (Zimmerman) wasn’t even arrested until 45 days later,. I’ve heard people of all races speaking out on the news concerned about there not being an arrest. No one, including me wanted Zimmerman assumed guilty, lunched or unjustly treated, but most of us felt he should have been at least arrested for the killing and then let a judge or jury decide if it was self defense as he claims or crime that he needs to be punished for. When you have the local police like in Sanford, Florida making a judgment on their own that no arrest or charges for a person that admitted to killing a person, that smells fishy. The majority of Blacks at least the ones that have an understanding of the legal system know we normally end up on the short end of the stick in regard to the legal system.  Most of us know we will get jerked around in the courtrooms and the whole world knows the percentage of Blacks occupying the prison industrial complex.

While we are on the subject of prisons, some of the conditions in these spots equate to cruel and inhumane punishment, so many feel its as bad as back in the slavery days. As I speak, inmates in most of the California prisons are protesting the inhumane treatment they are subjected to. The Conditions at Pelican Bay State Prison would shock the conscience of any normal person.

It’s ironic how the U.S always has a lot to say about other countries in regard to human and civil rights violations, wanting to intervene in Syria, Libra and other mid east countries because our leaders feel their leaders are violating the rights of their citizens, etc, but don’t appear to have any problem with the crap that jumps off over here. The congress people in the U.S appear to be so eager to get involved overseas, need to fix their own problems, in other words worry about America’s shortcomings and weaknesses instead of concentrating on other countries problems.

TO BE CONTINUED (PART 38 AND 39 will be available in May 2012


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