Food for Thought Prt 31

“Food for thought”

Part 31

There was an interesting article in the New York Times in July,2011 called “Death Penalty Still Racist and Arbitrary” by David R Dow. All the people that continue to support this punishment and those that havent taken a position one way or another should read this, its extremely informative. It mentions that this is the 35th anniversary of the return of the D.P after it was reinstated in 1976 and a law professor,along with two of his colleagues published a study examining more than 2,000 homicides in Georgia since 1972. They found black defendants were more likely to receive the D.P than white defendants and that murderers of white victims were about four and a half more likely to be sentenced to death than those killed blacks. This study became known as the “Baldus Study”. Most legal experts agree that the Baldus Study established racial bias.

It’s well established that nationwide blacks and whites are victims of homicide in roughly equal numbers, yet 80% of those executed had murdered white people. In jurisdiction after jurisdiction the Baldus Study has revealed the same racial bias. This is crazy, when we are working with a system that allows this to jump-off. After its been proven beyond any doubt what-so-ever, how can it be justified???. Is this a nation that is so blood thirsty that things like this don’t matter?. This study points out how the system in general is racially biased, but there are too many individuals instances of racism involved with who and who doesnt get sentenced to death.

In 2008 a district attorney in Harris County,Texas (Chuck Rosenthal) had to resign after news got out that he sent and received racist e-mails, Now, in an earlier Food for Thought article I mentioned how people in the KKK and other hate groups have infiltrated our police forces,prison guards and judicial system. Now the fact that this prosecutor was one of the few that got caught and had to resign may not sound like such a big deal to some,but his office had sought the death penalty in 25 cases while he ran the show and his successor sought it in 7 cases. So out of those 32 cases where the D.P was sought, 29 of them involved a person of colour. I mean, when you have racist people in office these things happen and its happening much too often in every town,city and state in America on a regular basis.

Since 1976 Texas carried out 470 executions, only two involved a white murderer and a black victim according to research by the author (David R. Dow) of that article. None of that facts mentioned in Dow’s article about the death penalty still being racist and arbitrary surprises me, nor should it surprise anyone else. Many in this country and around the world are in denial about the racism that still exist in America. Its hard to move away from some of the stuff embedded in our being. Not that long ago during slavery times a black slave named “Dred Scott” tried to sue for his freedom. Justice Taney of the U.S Supreme Court ruled “ People of colour had no rights, which the white man was bound to respect”. Therefore Dred Scott didnt have the right to sue for his freedom. These are the founding fathers of this so called great country that wrote the constitution, saying that they didnt intend for people of colour to enjoy the rights afforded whites under the constitution.

These are the same founding fathers that said a black person was to be only counted as 3/5 of a person. So its ironic how blacks and other people of colour expect any relief from the courts on the grounds that his/her constitutional rights were violated from the people that believe they arent entitled to any rights!! So lets keep it real… TO BE CONTINUED… Intensify the struggle!!!


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