Food for Thought Prt 35

Food for Thought Prt 35

In the last food for thought article number 34 I mentioned a couple of cases where Blacks and other minorities were getting killed by police and others much too often America and most of the time there isn’t anything done about it. This is not only in the southern states like Florida, Georgia, Mississippi, etc. but also up north in cities like Washington DC. Pennsylvania, New York, Chicago and out west in Denver, L.A etc. It’s all over the U.S.

A while back New York police gunned down Amadou Diallo, an African immigrant in front of his building (Feb. 1999) He had been followed by an elite crime unit who viewed him suspicious. Diallo went for his wallet to show I.D which cops thought it was a gun and fired 41 times killing him. Diallo had no hun or criminal record.. Just prior to that also in the Bronx, New York Eleanor bumpers a mentally ill grandmother was shot in the chest and killed by police, no cops were punished in that incident either. These similar cases are too numerous to get into right now, but it’s a pattern of abuse by police and indifference to our judicial system to punish anyone for killing blacks and other minorities, Black life has no value to white America.

More recently showing how hatred and racism still exist to the fullest extent in America, a federal Judge in Montana admitted to sending a racist e-mail on Feb. 28th 2012 to six people on his e-mail account. The email suggested that President Obama was the product of a sexual encounter between his mother and a dog. The judge said the so-called joke touched his heart and he didn’t send it out because he’s a racist, but because it’s anti Obama. Now keep in mind this clown is a federal judge who sits on the bench making rulings and judgements of people of all races, from liability and prosecution for crap they do to jerk around defendants. As I’ve mentioned in a previous “Food for Thought” article, its rare when you can sue a prosecutor or judge because of the immunity they receive.

Lately there has been a great deal of display of anti-black hatred in the U.S. Hangman’s nooses placed all over the place letting people know that there is still a great deal of hatred for us in America. Our prisons are overwhelmingly full of blacks and other minorities, which is just another form of slavery. I recently read an excellent book called “The New Jim Crow” by Michelle Alexander. She points out how Mass incarceration has taken over. It shows how the prison industrial complex is the new Jim Crow and needs to be abolished. Sure there are some crimes in American just like any other country but America has over two million of their citizens in their prisons, more than all the other countries combined and most of those locked up are people of  color and many of them have been railroaded.

I read an interesting U.S supreme court case about two black men in Potawatomie  County,  Iowa that served more then 25 years in prison of a life sentence before being released.  The police and prosecutor had fabricated, coerced and concealed evidence to frame for a murder of a white ex cop that was working as a security guard at a car dealership. Ironically, some Black copes filed an Amicus Curiae brief in support of the two black guys that were filing a lawsuit against the cops and prosecutors involved in the case. Black cops Against Police Brutality (BCAP) is an organization dedicated to ensuring that the rights under the constitution.  Their website is  BCAP takes a particular interest in opposing racial profiling and police use of excessive force. They are generally concerned with any racial unfairness in the administration of justice.

The guys that got framed and railroaded are Terry J. Harrington and Curtis W. McGhee Jr. Its not often that you hear about the good cops that go up against the crooked cops, normally they lie and back up the rotten officers, as do the prison guards. Covering up for each other is more important than telling the truth and doing the right thing, so it’s a breath of fresh air, to say the least!!!!

written by Robert fisher P.A Death Row



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