Food for Thought Prt 36


When the average Joe citizens in America going to demand more from our elected officials? When is there going to be some outrage for wasting tax payer money on a broken judicial system made up of crooked prosecutors and judges that are just trying to further their political careers by winning at all cost, that allow this process to continue!!!! Then on the other hand this may be a purposely designed plan by the elite. I’ve talked about how our prisons are full of people of color and poor whites many times in previous Food for Thought articles, so this appears to help make the pieces of the puzzle fit snugly. The problem with this mentality of the crooks implementing this plan is, soon they will have to start locking up their own, when they run out of the lower class to imprison and will  have to turn on themselves.  Did you ever wonder why prosecutors that have been exposed for all kinds of unlawful, rotten, low down tricks to ensure a conviction have never been disbarred or disciplined???? Have you ever wondered why every other day you hear about someone being released from prison, often after serving 20 to 30 years for a crime they didn’t commit and it’s found  out the prosecutor did some unsavoury trick and nothing happened to him/her for their actions?  I guess it’s easy to understand why they continue to do it over and over again. Yes, because there isn’t any incentive to play by the rules when you are sure nothing is going to happen to you if and when you get caught.

A guy names Ken Armstrong, a legal affairs writer, working for the Chicago Tribune, did  a study a while back on murder convictions in this country, He found that since 1963, at least 381 murder convictions across the nation had been reversed because of police or prosecutorial  misconduct. (that’s only the ones they caught) This isn’t any rare occasion, these chumps purposely intend to deceive and fool the court and U.S citizens to win by any means necessary, without any regard to the defendant, court or the constitution. This study was only on murder cases I’m sure there are thousands more for other crimes. Now, it’s despicable to say the least that it’s being down at all, but I’m  talking about murder cases where a person can get executed or spend the rest of their lives in prison.  The sad, crazy and outrageous part about it is they found that not one of the prosecutors who broke the law, in these most serious charges, was ever convicted or disbarred. Most of the time they were not even disciplined.  Now who are the crooks?  It appears this so called best judicial system in the world is only for a select few!!

The average joe citizen often heares sound bites on the news about a heinous crime that was committed somewhere in the country, but no so often hears about the crimes committed on a daily basic across the country by the police and prosecutors framing innocent citizens for crimes,  Much too often people are sent to prison for a bunch of years, some even to the row and there is no outrage,

A while back in 2004 the U.S Supreme court reversed a capital murder case in Texas of Delma Banks (540 u.s.668. 2004) Banks spent 24 years on death row, a victim of the foul play of Texas prosecutors, Keep in mind, Texas is the execution capital of the world. More people are executed in Texas than any other State in American, and more often!!  They are known world wide for speedy executions and blood thirsty appetite for killing.  Anyway the Supreme court found the Texas prosecutors withheld evidence undermining key witnesses credibility at trial and failed to correct false testimony. They also deliberately made false and misleading argument to the jury. That’s crazy!! They even allowed all of this to continue all throughout direct appellate and collateral review of the process.  The Texas disciplinary authorities  knew about this, yet there is no record on file of any discipline of the prosecutors involved, so it’s unlikely anyone will ever be punished for violating Ban ks constitutional rights causing the 24 years of incarceration. I have to keep repeating myself, this jumps off all across America on a daily basis in this so called best judicial system in the world.


Part 37 coming later today or tomorrow


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