Food for Thought Prt 38

Food For Thought Part 38

The economy all over the world is in shambles and more specifically the American economy is the main concern of most of the American voters. The Republican party continues to blame President Obama for the shape the economy is in, ignoring the fact that they (Republican congress) did everything in their power to obstruct any attempt to get the economy going again in the right direction. They want the American people to forget that they publicly announced that their main goal and only concern was to make Obama a “one term president” and were not interested in working together with him and the Democrats on any bills, laws, etc. to create jobs or anything else to improve the economy or help the average American person or family. So how can Obama be the blame for the shape the economy is in or all the blame, congress deserves the most blame. The Republican can’t blame his policies, if they continue to refuse to work with him making compromises along the way, using the best ideas of both parties to improve the economy and create Jobs, etc.

Now, after saying all of that in support of Obama and the obstacles he is facing I’m finding it harder to excuse and support some of his blunders. For a guy that is suppose to be trying to get re-elected, it appears he’s getting some poor advice from someone or he isn’t thinking about the severe consequences of some of his decisions. A few months ago, early 2012, he picked a fight with the Catholics over contraceptives. As a person of faith I find it hard to understand why he can’t understand why so many people have a problem with his position. His position is wanting women to be covered in the various healthcare insurance plans at work for all their needs and making the health care plans to cover contraceptives in their plans. Although the Catholic church itself was exempt, Catholic organizations were not and felt they were being asked to cover things that are directly against their faith. Obama isn’t going to win that fight, it appears he’s engaging in a war against people of faith.

Now, recently Obama is the first sitting president to come out supporting “Gay Marriage”. He says its only his personal belief and it should be left up to each individual state to vote on it, but he feels Gays deserve the same rights that everyone else has and equates it with civil rights. Whether you agree or disagree with same sex marriage being legal because of your personal,religious or moral beliefs it should’nt be the deciding factor in which way you vote in an election that has so many more important issues effecting our everyday life. Issues like healthcare, education, racial profiling, wars. Programs that are being cut that help the needy, voter I.D laws, women’s rights and on and on.

I listen to some of the people on the news that are so outraged about the gay marriage issue and wonder where is the same outrage about cutting programs for the poor and average Americans so they can continue the tax cuts for the wealthiest and corporate American. What’s equally disturbing is how some of the Black preachers are speaking out against Obama, even encouraging their congregation to stay at home on election day because of the gay marriage issue. That’s crazy!!! This one guy Rev, Emmett Burns, from one of those southern churches said he’ll stay home this election day rather then vote for Obama. You can tell when listening to him that he isn’t very bright because he said “I wont vote for Mitt Romney but just not vote, He’s not intelligent enough to understand that by staying home instead of voting, is a vote for Romney. If there are 500 Republicans that come out to vote, and 500 Democrats that could have but 200 stay home as he suggest because they are upset about gay marriag, then the Republicans wins because it’l be 500 to 300. Those same people so upset about the gay marriage issue should be just as upset about the sinful cutting of programs designed to help the poor, they should be outraged about adultery since they are selecting sins to be upset about. That jumps off on a regular basis by a bunch of the congress people, other elected officials, as well as the average person, including members of his congregation. The bible and other spiritual books of other religions condemn adultery just as they do gay activities, so where is the outrage in that regard. We can’t pick and chose what we are going to follow in the book. Some of these same churches and Holier then-thou, followers that are so outraged about gay marriage are turning a blind eye to racism and other actis of sin. There was a recent report on CNN saying 8 million seniors in the U.S are going hungry, but at the same time big corporations are raking in billions, where is the outrage in regards to that.

To Be continues.. Intensify the Struggle!

****NOTE**** “Food for Thought” is a series of articles that will appear on this web page periodically, mostly speaking out about the death penalty other injustices in our legal system, things effecting America and how America’s program effects our global community in general. It is written by a Railroaded, wrongfully convicted person (Robert Fisher) that has been in various Pennsylvania prisons,. On death row, since 1988 and is currently on the row, in Waynesburg. Pa,


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