Food for Thought Prt 40

Food For Thought Part 40

Keeping it Real




Throughout this process I’ve been talking about many of the injustices in the American Judicial System that effect not only myself, but many of the people caught up in the system, especially poor whites and people of color that can’t afford proper representation. These are the same people, elected legislators and people running this country neglect, often feeling we are expendable. I’ve also been talking a lot about how some of the decisions the U.S makes that effect our global community, which are selective, self-serving and hypocritical, to say the least, most of the time. Now I feel I need to spend more time on my own specific situation and how I got railroaded at my trials and hearings and continue to be jerked around through the appellate process.  So the next series of articles will be dedicated to this.

In 2006, after my state appeals were exhausted I filed an appeal in the Federal court. They had oral arguments in the federal district court for the issues of that appeal. The Federal court is suppose to review all the stuff that jumped-off i the state courts to make sure it complies with federal law and the U.S Constitution, etc. While that process was underway the “NAS” report came down in regards to the procedure the prosecutors have been using for decades, having a F.B.I agent came to court to testify basically comparing the lead from bullets found in victims and bullets in a gun connected to the defendant, either in his possession or with bullets he/she has access to. By the way, NAS stands for the National Academy of sciences, a non profit, self perpetuating society of distinguished scholars, engaged in scientific and engineering research, (THESE ARE THE BEST IN THE WORLD)  and have the highest respect. Congress granted them the authority in 1963 to advise and decide on science technical matters. Anyway this group of renowned experts made a report on the methods of comparative bullet lead analysis (CBLA) that was used in my case to mislead the jury and was also used in American courts, but to put it bluntly, they said it was scientifically inaccurate and unreliable, cold blooded junk science.

So after this NAS report came out supporting the position I had all along throughout my trial appeals in state and federal courts I had to put my federal appeal on hold, go back in the state courts to give them a chance to address and correct the matter before the federal court could rule on it. Before a decision came down on my appeal, in 2009 a FBI supervisor from their lab in Virginia sent a letter to the prosecution, judge and my lawyer saying the F.B.I’s testimony was not reliable, conceding to my arguments and stating that they were not going to use that type of testimony ever again. They felt it necessary to notify the court in my case after the “Innocence Project” jumped all over them because that type of testimony mislead tons of juries all across the country, more specifically in my case. Now i had to put my federal appeal on hold again, go back in the state courts so those letters could be added to my appeals.

This is especially important to my case because all the states witnesses were cold blooded junkies that lied to help the state convict me to save themselves from charges they were caught up in.  I was  “A GET OUT OF JAIL FREE” card to others who chose to help the prosecutors jam me, so that F.B.I’s testimony was crucial to the states case, since it gave  some credibility  among a host of not so credible self serving witnesses that were paraded before the jury. The agent’s testimony that the bullets found in the victim and bullets found at a friend’s apartment where I stayed occasionally, came from the same box of ammo was based on a reasonable degree of scientific certainty. Now since The NAS report shot down all that crap. A full copy of the NAS report on CBLA can be read from free online at

Now, here we are trying to execute me when they lied, mislead and fooled the jury with voodoo science, which most likely tipped the scale to the prosecutions advantage because there was testimony from the defense to shoot down and off-set all of the crooked junkie infested testimony from the prosecutions. One of their major witnesses couldn’t  even pick me from a line up prior to trial, but suddenly could at trial. She also testified under oath at the preliminary hearing or suppression hearing in 1988, before trial that she had only met me that same year and didn’t hardly know me but suddenly at trial claimed she knew me for ten years. Now, that sounds like a bit of insignificant info, but it’s major because thats how they tried to rehabilitate her for not being able to pick me out of the line up, as if she knew me for ten years she had to know me but was scared and didn’t want to get involved, thats crap she never knew me at all. Some in the legal community will say thats only an inconsistent statement that can be rebutted on cross examination by the defense attorney, but when you have an inexperienced rookie trial attorney that hasn’t been involved in any heavy drama murder trials, often their actions or lack of, makes them an extension of the prosecution. Plus the prosecution isn’t allowed by law to knowingly use perjured testimony and the trial judge is abusing his/her discretion by allowing it to jump-off. This infested my trial. There was so much unsavoury tactics that jumped off, it’l take pages to describe it all, but at least this is a start.  It’s one thing for a person to rat or snitch about a crime, but to lie and manufacture a a case is a crime in its self. For a person to lie about events to help the prosecutor execute someone is exactly what was done here. I recently read an interesting book called “SNITCHING” by Alexander Natapoff, a professor at Loyala law school, in Los Angeles. She’s a nationally recognized expert on criminal snitching. You wouldn’t believe the stories she mentions in her book about the lies and snitching by paid informants and other government snitches that are affecting our legal system. It even mentions a controversial website created in 2004 called that collects and records info about snitches co operating with the government and how unreliable that testimony is.

The whole theory of the prosecutions case doesn’t make sense, if you sstop for a second and really analyze it. Don’t get me wrong its a tragedy and a shame that a human life was lost and I certainly pray for the victim and her family and feel someone should be held accountable, but not just anyone. The actual killer should be and it isn’t me. Back to the prosecutor’s theory of what jumped off. They said the victim was my girlfriend and was providing the police with info about another murder that I was supposed to have committed. First of all, Linda (the victim) was NOT my girlfriend.  She was a  woman I was messing around with intimately during that period of time. She was a friend. I had clothes at her spot, just like several other women I was involved with at the time.  Till this day, I don’t remotely know what she could have possible known to require me to kill her.  She was ten miles away from where I was laying up with another woman, when the Federal informant  that I was accused of killing, two rooms away from my room. Incidentally, a murder that I eventually was aquitted of. Exactly what direct info could she possibly have to connect with that murder I still don’t know. It would seem that I would need to get rid of the dame laying up with me in the motel and she’s still alive to the best of my knowledge or at least was many years later.

One of the problems with this case is the victim was a “Rich white Woman” and they are outraged by the possibility that a black man could have done it, so they used every trick in the book to make the pieces of the puzzle fit. They make up rules of law as they go along, stepping all over the constitution, but I’m still rumbling this thing to the bitter end. They attempt to fool the jury that the victim was my girlfriend that had some kind of inside info, but as I mentioned earlier she was just a friend and one of many that i was intimately involved with at the time.  I was out there slinging drugs and had access to plenty of money, drugs and women.  I was legally married at the time to a woman (now deceased) that was doing a 10 to 20 years sentence in a Pennsylvania prison for a string of armed robberies.  The victim was only a friend not elevated to some special status in my life that knew all my business like the prosecution would like you to believe.

Hopefully, I’ll be able to point out a lot more of the crap that jumped off in my situation over the next series of articles, but in the mean time I need some help out there, I need people to petition the courts, Governor and other elected officials speaking out against this injustice, I need a crew of “Internet Junkies” that know their way around the internet, linking things, etc, starting on line petitions on my behalf, I need a pro bono lawyer or law firm to take my case, if I do get a new trial when this decision comes down, any day now, because the lawyers that are appointed now will be finished and i’ll need someone to set up a defense fund to pay for the lawyers and help with other legal expenses, supplies, postage and everything connected with this battle. Until that is set up all donations will be appreciated and can be sent directly to Robert, to Jpay address on this site. Il make sure it passes all the IRS requirements and is used for the proper purpose. Itl be transfereed eventually to a bank account that will be kept by a third party, Since I have no family, it needs to be someone not only trustworthy but dependable, not disappearing for periods of time. No letters or messages can be sent to Jpay address with the defense fund donations.  Anything other than money has to be sent separately, There is an online conection to deposit donations on Jpay account or it can be sent snail mail to the same address



P.O Box 531250,

Miami Shores

Fl  331537


Inmate Name and number: Robert Fisher. AS-1738

Robert Fisher

Senders name etc


Roberts Blog site

To Write a Letter to Robert write to:

Robert Fisher AS-1738
175 Progress Drive.
PA 15370


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