Food for Thought Prt 34

Food For thought part 34


In an earlier “food for thought” article, I talked about some of the abuse in prisons across America by some of the guards, especially in the “Restricted housing units (the hole) Prisoners getting beat down maliciously and sadistically, most of the time while handcuffed from the back, by cowardly guards. I might mention these are common place routine acts and not isolated incidents that only occur every now and again.

A while back I read an article in a human rights coalition newsletter where a mother of an abused prisoner said “the Ku Klux Klan” is no longer necessary for white racist to put their thing down, if you want to assault, abuse and torture people of color, then simply apply for a job with the Pennsylvania Dept. of Corrections, where this behaviour is unwritten institutional policy.”. That statement is so true, but the sad part about it is, this mentality doesn’t exist and begin in the prison system. Some are in denial, but racism shows its ugly face much too often in this country and is accepted by the vast majority, many that don’t want to acknowledge its existence.

For example, the Trayvon Martin case that has been dominating the news for the past month or so. The 17 year old Black teenager killed by a self-appointed neighbourhood vigilante watch group  joker. Martin was unarmed, coming from a store where he purchased ice tea and candy. He was followed on his way home because George Zimmerman the so called watchman was suspicious that he may be up to no good, being a black teen with a hooded sweatshirt on. To make a long story short, Zimmerman shot him and wasn’t even arrested. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying Zimmerman isn’t innocent until proven guilty in a court of law, but I’m saying he should have been arrested and charged for the incident and allow a jury to decide if it was self-defence  as Zimmerman claims or not. If the situation was reversed and Trayvon had of shot Zimmerman, for sure, without any doubt what so ever, Trayvon would have been locked up on the spot!!!  It’s been two months since the murder and Zimmerman is still walking around free not arrested or charged. It goes to show an on going policy of how Black Lives are of no value in America and highlights the troubling words of an earlier United States Supreme Court Justice Taney, wrote in the “Dred Scott” opinion: “People of color had no rights which the white man was bound to respect”.

The Trayvon Martin case is disturbing to so many because of what has been revealed so far, sparking protest all across the U.S, but no one should be surprised at all because although racial situations have gotten a little better over the years, it’s still extremely evident in our courts and society in general, but as I’ve said earlier many are in denial!!! I can go on and on citing numerous cases all across America jumping off daily to support my position, but I will only name a few, for example also in Florida, not far from where Trayvon Martin case jumped off two people of color turned up missing 8 years ago under mysterious circumstances. A black dude and a Mexican  that were arrested by the same police officer. This happened in Marco Island, Florida. A white deputy sheriff was fired because his stories just didn’t add up but they claim there isn’t enough evidence to arrest and charge him. This cop arrested Terrance Williams and Felipe Santos and no one has seen them since. The cop claimed he dropped them off at a convenience store because the Black guy (Williams) worked there, but after a little investigation it turned out the guy worked several miles away from there. That coupled with other out right lies got the cop fired but there still hasn’t been an arrest demonstrating once again how unimportant the lives of people of color are in this so called best judicial system in the world are!!!

To Be continued


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