Food for Thought Prt 43

Food for Thought Prt 43

            Philadelphia, Pa, has more people on Death Row, then any other city in America. Pennsylvania has more juveniles sentenced to life without the possibility of parole then any other state in the country and Penna, has the 3rd or 4th largest death row population. Philadelphia, Pa, isn’t any different than New York city, Chicago, Detroit, Los Angeles or any other major city. There isn’t any more violence, crime, or wrongdoing than any other city in the U.S. But yet, as I’ve mentioned previously there are more people on death row from Philly than any other city in the U.S and Philly is leading in many other prison categories. You may wonder why?? Well, a big part of the reason for this is due to the unsavory tactics and actions of the Philadelphia police department and co-signed by our Courts.

            There was an article recently in “The Philadelphia Inquirer” Friday December 7th 2012 reporting that charges were dropped against two defendants because of police misdeeds,. They were falsely arrested and charged with multiple drug charges. Eventually they went in front of a Municipal court judge (Charles Hayden) but the District Attorney’s office withdrew all of the charges against the two (Dan Kim and Sagar Patel) Lawyers from the Phila. Public Defenders office filed motions, etc, and appeared before the Judge telling him that Five (5) anti-narcotics officers involved in their case had partnered with drug dealers in crimes, They had overwhelming proof of their conduct. I might also mention that this is only one tip of the iceberg. Philadelphia, as most other cities in America has a pattern of this. Most of the time it goes undetected and people get arrested, charged and sent to prison, some even to death row and many are still rotting away in prisons all across America, as I speak because police for various reasons, some financial others political or just to further their careers have a willingness to fabricate facts and evidence.

            Feeling that the heat was on, two days prior to the hearing where charges were dropped, the police Commissioner (Charles H. Ramsey) transferred the 5 officers and a lieutenant from the narcotics field unit to other less conspicuous units. These chumps credibility was so bad they could not be used to testify in any more cases. As it is, many many cases are expected to get overturned and I think it can be safe to say there will be tons of lawsuits against the city for their actions. Our politicians are always so quick to appear to be so tuff on crime, etc., but the people that are suppose to be catching the criminals are criminals themselves. Ironically, these 5 officers were merely transferred to other units, instead of being suspended without pay, until they were tried, convicted and sent to prison like any other common criminal.

            There is a pattern of this crap jumping off in Phila. There has been a federal investigation since 2009 of some of the acts of Philadelphia police officers for alleged evidence planting, illegal searches and theft, This isn’t anything new in Phila, It’s De Ja Vu, tons of lawsuits and more than $4 million was paid out during the 39th police district scandal in the late 1990’s where several Phila, Police officers were convicted of federal corruption charges.

            Speaking of De J Vu, a few weeks ago, in November 2012 another Black teen 17 year old Jordon Davis was killed and a 45 year old white man Michael Dunn is using the “Stand your ground” law to Justify his actions, It appears its open season on young Black men in America. Dunn confronted Davis and two other Black teens about playing the music in their car too loud, Dunn shot at least 9 rounds at the group while they were parked at a gas station and then Dunn fled. As I said it’s De J Vu all over again because this also happened in Florida, this time in Jacksonville, Florida, not long ago George Zimmerman shot and killed another Black teen (Trayvon Martin) in Florida and Zimmerman is using the same law to justify his actions.

            There shouldn’t be any surprise the NRA (National Rifle Assoc,) has been pushing stand your ground laws since 2005, the same crazy organization that feels the answer to the recent shooting deaths of 20 school children ages 5-7 years old in Connecticut is to put armed guards in our schools. The president of the NRA blames movies, the media, video games and mental health issues, everything else except to ban assault weapons and ammo clips that hold 30 rounds and no background checks at some of the gun shows, like most Americans feel.

To be Continued .. Power to the struggle!

Written by Robert Fisher PA Death Row January 2013