Food for Thought Prt 44

Food for Thought Part 44

Pattern of Double-Standards

            The average American citizen should pay more attention to some of the crazy jumping-off where our politicians, elected officials, courts and police continue to have a double standard for the rich and privileged and those of us that are poor and powerless.  In December 2012 news broke of federal prosecutors slapping a record of $1.9 billions of dollars for Mexican drug cartels and entities connected to Middle East terrorists.  None of these big shot bank officials are facing criminal prosecution!!!  What kind of crap is that? Hundreds of low level money laundering criminals were convicted in federal courts between Oct,2011 and June 2012 and most of those people are rotting away in prison, as I speak, although those big shots have to repay millions in bonuses  made from their  illegal  activities dealing with the drug cartels, most likely from money they have stashed in Swiss and overseas accounts, these chumps are not going to prison like any other average joe American.

The feds won convictions for over 17,000 low level drug traffickers and sent them to prison. Don’t you see the double standard here? America has more people in prison than any other country in the world, but the mass incarceration situation here is made up of poor whites and people of color, which is another form of slavery. I read an interesting book  about a year ago or so called “The New Jim Crow” by Michelle Alexander that speaks about the mass incarceration in the age of color blindness.  It’s good, you should check it out. Anyway the federal government doesn’t care about disrupting families by sending a single parent mother to prison for decades because their boyfriends dealt drugs that they knew about, but were never involved, but those with power and money continue to get a slap on the wrist. They keep a foot in the neck, filling our prisons with that poor and powerless. The so called best judicial system in the world is real hope to die selective when it comes to administering punishment enhancing the mockery of equal justice under the law.

I’m not trying to hear that crap about those big shots were engaging in “white collar crime” because the drug war in Mexico has cost over 60,000 lives in the past six years, kids and families are routinely killed, so why is this double standard allowed to continue?

Another example of double standard is the recent opposition by Republicans to Obama’s potential nomination for Secretary of State, Susan Rice. I hate to play the race card, but a lot of the Republican opposition to Obama goes beyond politics. They don’t give him any respect and at times are completely disrespectful, as if to say “we aren’t going to accept anything from this (N-word) Senators McCain, Graham and Collins lead the way attacking and assassinating the character of Susan Rice, the U.N Ambassador that appeared on T.V to explain what happened at the Benghazi Libya base on September 11th 2012, where 4 Americans were killed. She reported, using intelligence talking points, that the violent protest was sparked by a hateful video. It turned out that the violence came from Al-Qaeda terrorist groups, but she specifically stated it’s and on going investigation and more facts will come out. Here’s where the cold blooded hypocrisy  and double standards jumps off so clearly.  The senators that are complaining, are the same that supported the Iraq war based on flawed intelligence and deception.

Pres. Bush, Dick Cheney, Colin Powell and Connie Rice (No relation to Susan Rice) paraded before the U.N., congress and the American people , talking about how dangerous Saddam Hussein was and how he had a stockpile of weapons of mass destruction. No Weapons of mass destruction were were ever found and we went to war losing nearly 5,000 American lives and thousands more wounded, not to mention over 100,000 Iraqis killed and trillions of dollars spent in the effort. Then, National Security advisor Condoleeza Rice on a Sunday talk show in September 2002 not only talked about weapons of mass destruction, but of an Iraqi bound shipment of rich quality aluminium tubes that are only suited for nuclear weapons program. None of this turned out to be true, but led us into a bogus war. Yet it did not stop those same hypocritical senators from supporting Connie Rice and she did become Sec of State.

Obama has some of the blame for this because he didn’t demonstrate any strength of backbone when he accepted Rice’s decision to withdraw her name for the nomination, He caved in to right-wing extremist in the Republican party, They got away with dictating who he will chose for his nominations, which gave them a double win, because now Obama picked SENATOR John Kerry for that position and his senate seat will be filled most likely by a Republican (Scott Brown) so the Rebublicans will be that such closer to taking control of the house and senate.

Another double standard is the selective outrage about guns and gun control, As should be, everyone is outraged about the 20 kids gunned down in Connecticut recently, but there are at least 41 murders a month in Chicago and most of them in poor Black neighborhoods.

In every major city in the U,S, it’s about the same, yet you never hear any of the anti-gun people hollering about guns and gun control, like now after the recent tragedy. Even Rush Linbaugh, a right-wing Republican extremist, racist and sexist agrees and has made recent comments acknowledging the double standard. So why isn’t there any outrage about the daily shooting deaths of hundreds of young Black and Hispanic men, women and children,

Why the double standard???

to be continued, intensify the struggle

by Robert Fisher January 2013