Food for Thought Prt 49

Food for Thought Part 49

          In September 2012, there was a Puerto Rican Day parade in North Philly (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania) not only Puerto Ricans were enjoying the celebration, but many other races and ethnic group in the community joined to honor and celebrate in the festivities. As in any large group or crowd celebrating, often things become unruly, especially when alcohol is consumed. The Police that are suppose to be trained in the area of crown control have to maintain order for the safety of the people most of the time do a good job, but sometimes get carried away and get overzealous in their efforts. A guy that was over celebrating started spinning his car around in circles and the crown started cheering him on and booing the police for trying to intervene. Some of the crowd allegedly threw beer on the cops in the process. One cop a 19 year career veteran, that came through the ranks and was a lieutenant at the time, burst through the crowd, saw a woman he wrongly believed was throwing beer and sucker-punched her. The woman a 110 lb 39 year old mother of three, (Aida Guzman) from Chester, Pa. It’s a good thing someone caught this on camera, to avoid a cover up and later it went viral on You Tube. Anyway this 250lb muscle bound coward cop, hit her so hard, she fell to the ground and was bleeding in the face. He immediately handcuffed her, charging her with disorderly conduct to cover his butt and justify his actions. The charges were later dropped after an investigation revealed an on going pattern of police misconduct.

          The cop (Jonathan Josey) was eventually charged with simple assault and suspended with the intent to dismiss, he later was fired, as he well deserved. His trial was scheduled to begin in February 2013, which it did.

          These criminal acts by cops in the city of Philadelphia and surrounding counties in Pa, and people are getting tired of incidents occurring and police are getting a slap on the wrist or nothing is being done at all, Most of the time these incidents happen, there is little noise about it and after the smoke clears, it’s swept under the rug or justified by the courts and elected officials and everything goes on as if nothing ever happened.

          Anyway, the trial went on as planned, the cold blooded coward cop, chose a “Bench Trial” that’s a trial that doesn’t have a jury deciding guilt or innocence, but the judge takes the place of the jury, deciding all the facts. It was a slick move for the cop, because he knew a jury with people from the community would have put him under the jail for a long, long time.. He also knew the majority of the judge in the commonwealth of Pa and the country in general are ex prosecutors, What I’m trying to say is police, prosecutors and judges tend to stick together in a “us against them” mentality, so the trial of one of their own becomes a “dog and phony show” just to fool the people into thinking they are doing the right thing, in other words “faking the game” . Well low and behold the fix was in, that is what indeed what jumped off. The video was shown of the lady getting sucker- punched, face all blooded, etc. at the bench trial for a the judge to view, along with tones of credible witnesses testifying against the cop. The judge, Patrick F. Dungan, ignored and dismissed the credibility of the witnesses and video evidence, that clearly showed an inappropriate response by a police officer assigned to crowd control. The judge even acknowledged the video was disturbing but still acquitted the cop after a 3 hour trial. That’s crazy, the fix was most certainly in!! This is what we are working with in the commonwealth of Pa. De ja vu.

          Soon after the trial there was an investigation because of the outraged of the verdict, and it was revealed that the judge Patrick F. Dungan who acquitted the cop, is married to a cop. If that isn’t a conflict of interest, I don’t know what is??? This chump was assigned to this case for a reason, and that is to protect their own. The fix was in from the get-go. There appears to be a pattern of this crap in Pa. Just recently I talked about the traffic ticket fixing scandal in Pa. There are one set of rules for those connected and another for the average citizen. Justice is only for a chosen few.

          Those of us that have no voice or no means to give gifts to the chief Supreme court justice and other ranking officials. Only those with money and power get justice in Penna’s judicial system, the rest of us get jerked around and this crap will continue until the average citizen stands up saying enough is enough.

To Be Continued…., The struggle continues!!


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