Food For Thought Prt 27-28

Food For thought Prt 27
Executing an Innocent Person:

Even the majority of those that are strangly in favor of the death penalty for various reasons are normally not bothered by idea of an innocent person being executed. Recently in the last few years, there have been several cases that undoubedly show there has been executions carried out, of a legally and factually innocent person. On September 21st 2011 the state of Georgia murdered Troy Davis, convicted and sentenced to death for killing a cop. One of his lawyers characterized it as a “lynching” which it basically was, without any doubt! If reasonable doubt means anything, it’s hard to understand how or why 7 out of 9 witnesses recanted their trial testimony, some even saying they were threatened and forced to implicate Davis, doesn’t amount to reasonalbe doubt??? One lady who was a neighbor of Davis at the time of the incident, recently came forward telling that a different person than Davis, years later confessed to her at a party that He not Davis committed the murder, but also told her he would kill her, if she came forward with that info, Many. People pleaded with the officials at all levels to commute his sentence because there was too much that didn’t add up, these people included former U.S president Jimmy Carter, Pope Benedict, Amnesty International and over 600,.000 signatures on a petition protesting his execution. Davis had all this support and all that evidence of reasonable doubt and they still executed him, so those of us that have very little support and less reasonable doubt then he had don’t stand a chance in this blood thirsty legal system!!
The state of Texas is proud of their efforts in carrying out executions and are always eager to brag about how many they kill and how fast it gets done, etc. I’m sure they executed several innocent people but there is overwhelming proof of one for certain!! Cameron Todd Willingham. Check out an article in Sept 2009 “the new yorker” magazine called “trial by fire” (Did Texas execute an Innocent Man) BY David Grann, youl be shocked at what jumped off in that case and the lengths to cover it up by now presidential candidate and still Governor of Texas Rick Perry. (s tea party favorite and right wing republican extremist) Willingham insisted upon his innocence of starting a fire that killed his 3 children in a small town about 50 miles north of Waco. They convicted, sentenced and executed him on “junk science evidence” in a two day trial and the jury only deliberated for less than an hour.
James P. Grigson, a so called medical expert testified in his case. This clown testified so often for the prosecution, in capital cases, that he became known as Dr death. A few years after he put his thing down in Willingham’s case, he was expelled from the American Psychiatric assoc. for violating ethics, this chump had repeatedly came p with a psychiatric diagnosis, without even examining the people in question. That’s crazy!!! There is so much rotten stuff that jumped-off in this case that I can’t get into it all now, but a commission in Texas said there was no scientific basis for claiming that the fire in Willingham’s case was a fire by arson but it’s too late if by any error of justice, an innocent person is put to death the mistake can never be corrected!! That slimy Governor of Texas, Rick Perry has been reported by some to have tried to cover up and hinder the investigation, by threats and intimidation. He has a history and pattern of making knee jerk decisions. Just recently at a G.O.P presidential debate, members of his own party including Michelle Bachman and others jumped all over his case, criticizing him for making an execution order mandating little girls to get vacinated to prevent sexually transmitted diseases, that is suppose to cause cancer. Perry is always hollering about big government our lives, but has a selective position when it fits his agenda, he was also asked by many high ranking officials, including president Obama an dhis predecessor G.W Bush to delay the execution of a Mexican Immigrant because it could jeopardize U.S citizens abroad and harm U.S diplomatic interest. The Guy Humberto Leal, was executed anyway, July 7th 2011. Leal was never given access to a consular representative from his native country, (Mexico) at the time of his arrest in 1994. This is a direct violation of the Vienna Convention, according to a 2004 decision by the International Court of Justice. The U.S Supreme Court unanimously agreed that the U.S was obligated to comply with the ICT decision. If Rick Perry had allowed a stay of execution, that would have given congress time to act to remedy the Violations in Leal’s case, but blood thirsty Gov. Rick Perry felt it necessary to fill his score card up with another execution, irregardless of the consequences. So the beat goes on in this so-called best judicial system in the world.
To be continued….Intensify the Struggle!!


The Integrity of Our Judicial System.

 In March 2011, Governor Pat Quinn, of Illinois a Catholic Democrat signed into law, legislation that abolished the State’s Death Penalty. The New law also provided funding for services for victims families and for law enforcement training. There also is language in the bill basically stating that capital punishment is no loner required to protect Illinois citizens and that life without parole and truth in sentencing laws can be used to guarentee guilty offenders will instead spend the rest of their lives in prison. This makes a lot of sense and should be followed by the other 36 states in America that still use the death penalty. As we all know there are plenty of moral problems, issues of fairness, justice and out right mistakes in our legal system, not to even mention th ewell established and documented murders, planting of guns, drugs and other evidence by police officers and often covered up by high ranking officials in communities all across America.

For example in 1997 a highly decorated Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) detective (Russell Poole) was assigned to investigate a cop (frank Lygal) killing another cop (Kevin Gaines) which eventually lead to the investigation and cover up of two of the Rap music’s superstars: Tupac Shakur In las Vegas and Christopher Wallace aka Biggie Smalls (Nortorious B.I.G) in los Angeles. The investigation into those incidents opened up a whole new can of worms that showed that several members of LAPD’s involvement in security and protection for rap artist and later to crooked cops robbing and beating drug suspects, planting guns on them to justify their actions and in some cases planting the drugs used for conviction. There is too much of this stuff to talk about it in this article, but one of the most desicable examples of this conduct is the actions of Rafael Perez a former LAPD detective, Liar, thief, and crooked cop that got jammed along with his partner Nino Durden another former LAPD detective, turned federal witness to lesson his prison time. Anyway, Nino Durden shot a suspected drug dealer (javier Ovando) planted a gun on him to justify the shooting etc. Perez testified in court under oath, as he had done in tons of other cases and got Ovando convicted and sent to prison. Oh, I almost forgot to mention another important fact, the victim (Ovando) of Perez and Durden’s not so honorable police conduct, was paralyzed from the waist down and confined to a wheel chair for the rest of his life, plus sent to prison for which later proved to be trumped up charges. After the crooked cops got caught up in their lies and finally came clean, they took a deal, got a slap on the wrist for only a few years of prison time, but had to rat out several other LAPD dirty cops that had been involved in numerous cases of beating, robbing, planting drugs, guns and other evidence on suspects sending them to prison. These chumps (perez and durden) talked to there was no more to tell, except where thy had to implicate themselves in several unsolved murders and robberies because Perez failed 5 lie detector test they gave him before accepting his plea bargain, nevertheless, they ended up accepting his plea, jammed several other crooked cops and had to release some of the people sent to prison illegally. The city of Los Angeles also had to shell out millions to settle lawsuits.

Now, what im talking about here today is not coming from a bleeding heart liberal or somebody that is constantly hollering about the injustices in our system, The information I’m providing here is well documented, It’s available at any courthouse in th ecountry, on computers that store legal material, court cases, investigations, etc. It’s a matter of public record, so you dont have to take my word for it, check it out for yourself. I’m certain you’ll be outraged or at least should be. Although these specific incidents mainly involve Los Angeles police, that were hired and paid to protect and serve society from criminals, its not unique to L.A or California. This jumps ff in each and every town and city in America, on a regular basis. This is only the top of the iceberg.

Lets stop for a minute, if we cant trust our police and other officials that try to cover up the actions of crooked cops, how can we trust our judicial system in general?? How can we continue to support the extreme penalties our system allows?? There are too many innocent people on death row awaiting execution and too many innocent people rotting away in U.S Prisons, as I speak!!

To be continued….Power to the struggle!!!


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