Food for Thought Prt 29

Food for Thought Prt 29

There are many disturbing images in the news, on a daily basis, here lately, In regard to the “occupy wall St” or other Occupy movements nationally and internationally. There have been too many instances of police roughing up protesters that have every right to sit-in, march or peacefully occupy parks and other private property or to demonstrate in an orderly matter in public places. Citizens have a right to protest outside of companies, corporations, offices of our elected officials etc. but these chumps running this country, appear to have a real selective position when it comes to who has constitutional and God given rights and who doesn’t.

Although this is a common right in a so-called democracy, here in the U.S there seems to be a selective view of what exactly qualifies as a democracy. Police were recently caught on camera, peper spraying protesters, at US Daves campus in California. They were sitting on the ground, not attempting to struggle or resist arrest, BUT, The police felt it necessary because they had the power to do so. Spraying pepper spray in the faces of people conducting a peaceful protest is crazy and reprehensible and every American citizen should be outraged, to say the least.

The U.S is always so quick to criticize Iran, Eqypt, Libya, Syria and other countries in the mid-east for mistreating their citizens that are protesting, in which many times are instigated by the C.I.A and other Western agenices, but that’s a subject for another time. The point is and it may sound like a broken record but these chumps here in the U.S need to stop their own human and civil rights violations before speaking about other countries and specific world leaders like Ahmedinejad, the late Moammar Gadhafi and others, while they continue to beat down protesters with clubs, blackjacks, use fire hoses, pepper-spray and other methods to violate the human and civil rights of their own citizens.

The occupy movement is a legitimate struggle for the average person in every state in the U.S and many countries internationally. They all stand in solidarity against corporate greed. These are the 99% speaking out against laws and policies designed to help corporations and the polititicians that protect them, while many of the average citizens are losing their jobs and homes.

Bankers and other executives are growing rich and getting bonuses while there is an unemployment rate at 9% and people are losing homes, health insurance, etc. Bankers, exectutives and other special interest groups are contributing hundereds of thousands of dollars in political donations mostly to right -wing Republicans that will die before rising taxes to the top 1% and continue to protect the Bush tax cuts for the most wealthy in the country.

The Occupy movement is to protest to many different things that affect the average citizen. Most of them support moving your money from the major banks, to a credit union that are member-owned

I can’t over emphasize how important it is to get out and vote. The reason the extreme element of the Republican party (Tea Party) got so much power in the mid term elections was because Demoncrats and independents didn’t get out to vote. The Republicans took control of the House of Representatives and the Tea Party still holds the rest of the country hostage to their extreme demands.

Newt Gingrich, who at the moment leads the pack of Republicans to run against Obama in the 2012 election recently made a statement in regard to the “occupy Wall st” protesters. He said “they need to stop protesting and get a job, after they take a bath” This is what these right-wing Republican extremist think about the average Joe citizen. They feel they are better than the poor or average person. Gingrich made that comment on the heels of the media and officials finding out that he was paid a million and a half to consult a financial firm (Fannie Mae) that finances homes for people. These are the same people the Government had to bail out with millions with tax payers money, while millions of average Americans lost their savings and homes. He got paid money from the same people that he criticized other Demcratic congress people for supporting. Gingrich thinks hes smarter than everyone else and the slickest man on earth his latest comments were designed to draw attention away from people talking about Fannie Mae payments. He would rather demean protesters in the occupy movement by saying they should get a job and take a bath. These are the kind of nuts running for office for the highest position in the world. This clown is completely out of order and a cold blooded hypocrite!!!

To Be Continued.

Intensify the struggle

Robert Fisher


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